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"Eric is a great coach.  He is a coach who actually cares about your golf game but also cares about you as a person.  He's helped me become a more focused and goal-minded person.  He has a deep understanding of the golf swing but explains concepts and changes in a clear, simple manner.  I like how he texts and calls to keep in touch with how I'm progressing on my golf game.  It shows that he cares!"

   Sabrina Bonanno, 2012 Girls IHSA Class A State Champion / 2013 USGA Jr. Girls Am. Quarter-finalist  

"Eric Pick is a true teaching golf professional possessing strengths in communication, instruction, technique and patience.  Our son, Ryan, has thrived with Eric’s coaching over the past five years, and he has lowered his handicap to near scratch as a result.  Eric’s focus on golf fundamentals, core strength, and mental preparation have prepared our son to be a consistent competitor on the IJGA, MAJGT, and AJGA circuits.  Eric’s instruction and encouragement helped Ryan progress to advanced rounds of match play in the 2013 Chick Evans Junior Amateur Championship.  Most importantly, Ryan loves the game of golf, practices and plays willingly, and this is directly attributed to Eric’s efforts.  Thanks Eric!"

  Brad and Sally Magee, Hawthorn Woods

"Eric is a phenomenal golf coach. Eric improved my golf swing and my mental game so much in a short period of time. I was immediately noticing a improvement in my ball flight and ball striking. My scores improved so much and I am much more confident with my golf game. Eric has a great passion for golf and really cares about your improvement. With Eric's help, I received the most improved player on my golf  team."

   Eric Pritt, Notre Dame H.S. Golf Team

"Eric has a patient, positive style of teaching, especially with children.  In a short time Eric had our shy 10 year old showing dramatic improvement while developing his confidence.  Within Joe's first year with Eric, he was comfortable enough to begin competing in and winning an IJGA event.  Eric has my son Joe looking forward to every lesson.  I can't express how grateful I am to Eric and the way he has my son wanting to learn and play more Golf."

   Rich Tonioni

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