Eric Pick Golf Academy            

                     Summer Advanced Junior Program

                                 "It's all about Golf"


  • Prepare junior golfers age 10-17 to improve on the golf course
  • Create a competitive environment with skill based games
  • Increase each golfer's knowledge in course management, effective practice methods, mental awareness and tournament preparation

Coaches:   Eric Pick

All registration/payment is through Eric.  Please contact Eric at 847-380-1280 or

Fees:   7 sessions = $420   ($30/hr)
           4 sessions = $280   ($35/hr)

Dates:  Thursdays from 6/14  -  8/2
               * No Session on 6/21
            (if necessary rain date is 8/9)

Hours:  6 - 8pm

Location:  Mount Prospect Golf Club

Eric Pick Golf Academy is proud to partner with the Mount Prospect Park District to offer the following group golf programs.  Please register for all the programs listed below through the Mount Prospect Park District Website.  If you have any issues registering please contact Eric at 847-380-1280


Four Day Junior Golf Camp

Learn, practice and experience golf in a fun and productive atmosphere.  The Four Day Junior Golf Camp is designed for the aspiring junior golfer looking to improve their golf game and confidence.  The focus is to instill lifelong fundamentals and passion for the game.  Swing improvement, short game skills, course management, golf fitness, golf etiquette and the rules of golf are the foundation of the program. This all-around approach will teach students to practice and play golf with a purpose.  Each day players will have the opportunity for on-course coaching by playing holes on the golf course.  This camp is designed for golfers age 8 to 16 with some golf experience. 

Ages: 8-16

Min/Max: 5/24

Dates:  July 9 - 12    

    July 16 - 19   

Time: 12:00 – 4:00pm

Resident: $350

Nonresident: $325


Junior Short Game School

This school is for the motivated junior golfer looking to improve their skills within the scoring zone.  Shots within 70 yards will be the main focus including chipping, pitching, wedges and bunker shots.  Creativity, visualization, proper set-up, club selection, and shot choice will all be highlighted.  

Ages: 10 - 17

Min/Max: 4/10

Day: Saturday

Dates:  June 16   

    July 21    

Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm

Resident: $75

Nonresident: $90




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